To go vegan or not?

Life is one (hopefully) long journey through a vast amount of experiences.. At least that is how I feel about it.. But having spend some time, specially in my highschool years reading about buddhism, I started to think about the idea of becomming vegetarian, so that no animals had to be killed for my eating “pleasure”. Over the years, this though stayed with me, cutting down on meat, but not really giving it up either..

The one day I was talking to my x-girlfriend about life and all the other big things going on, and the subject popped up.. And after some wise words about doing what you want to do.. I gave up meat the same night.. It was quite a big change.. And yes, I have to admit that I did really miss the meat for the first month or two, but then it kinda grew into habbit..

Then now, I am around 4 years down the road.. And lately I been watching alot of those animal welfare videos on youtube, specially the stuff from peta2.. And a lot of those makes my inner animal lover want to cry.. So with all those videos fresh in mind, I started to read alot about being vegan instead of vegetarian.. I have always considered vegans to be kinda crazy, animal-welfare freaks, but by watching the videos and reading articles it seems that they have a quite valid point.

At least all this sorta new to me knowledge have let me to trying a vegan diet.. Even though I find it though to make food without cheese and eggs, which seems to have been entering my cooking instead of meat.. Watching videos of the american milk and egg industries just makes you want to vomit..

But I’m not yet ready to go all in and commit 100% to being vegan, but small steps are better than no steps! And I also know that “rushing” into it, will increase my own odds of failing with a big percentage.

Leather and fur is another story, but I been avoiding real fur for years, and haven’t spend money on leather stuff for years either.. But since I want to give this vegan thing a go, I will have to focus even more on stuff like that.. Specially considering the horrible things going on in slaughterhouses..

Wool is kinda my joker.. I don’t really have alot of stuff made from wool either, definately didn’t buy any for years..

But all the leather and wool things I own I will keep using.. This is sometimes a hard thing to do, but there is no point in throwing it away now, since the animal is already dead and gone, and just throwing it away now would be an even bigger waste..

But not buying new leather and wool stuff will hopefully help some animals to surrive in the future..

My half sick body is telling me it is time to get a small nap, so that is what I’m going to do..

Peace out, Mike