The first running failure

Wauw.. My run today officially sucked.. Firstly I have to admit that it has been little more than a week since my last run, but got completely caught up in exams, which i know is a shitty excuse, but nevertheless..

My run today started out quite well.. Was feeling really good for the first kilometer and a half.. Then a strong urge to puke struk me.. That really sucked.. Stopped, tried to catch my breath, and get the puke feeling away.. Kinda went away, thought something like “damn”, then started running again slowly.. Managed 200 meters or so before the puke feeling was back.. Stopped again.. Started thinking really ugly things about my current fitness level.. Started running even slower.. Puke feeling back.. Thought fuck it.. Need to get home, so ran back home (luckely my standard 5km running route has 3 outs to shorten the run if needed). Now feeling kinda nauciated and annoyd with myself..

Really need to make a more focussed eating/running plan for the summer to get in better shape.. But yeah.. Nothing comes easy in this life..