February 8th 2014

Damn, it has been a while. Didn’t really spend much time thinking about blogging lately. I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy elsewhere, which roughly translates into school and following lectures on If you don’t know that site, it has my recommendation. Great source for knowledge!

Other than that time goes by with loads of boardgames, both in real life and online.. Specially Dominion has been taking a lot of my time. if you wanna join.. :)

Also, but haven’t been online there for a while..

Watching way to many videos on youtube.. Great waste of time! But yeah, that is also life sometimes! 😉

But I’ll get back to watching a bit of breaking bad and possibly some studiyng for tomorrows lecture!


January 11th, 2015

So this last week has been strange.. But that is due to some family issues.

Generally life is good!

My goals for 2015 includes a weekly update on my youtube channel. So I’m uploading something right now. My speaking in this weeks vid is kinda blurred, but that is just what happens when your voice is gone..

So not gonna write more today


January 2nd 2015

So Happy New Year, once again!

Finally it is once again the wonderfull time of the year where most of us try to make up some new year resolution things, so that we have some goals for ourselves the next year.

I don’t really have any thing that I can’t live without, but I would like to skydive some more in the next year. Generally I have been spending my time on other projects, making me miss skydiving alot. I would also like to visit Norway, to go on hikes in the mountians. That would be amazing. I’m still dreaming of getting better at uploading videos, but that is, just as last year, a complete chance. So we will see how that goes..

Gonna try to clean up in my home and do a little bit of studying for the next semester!

Have a good one!


December 29th 2014

Finally back home after almost 10 days with the family. Funny how good it feels to just sit alone behind my laptop drinking some coffee…

Ow yeah, finally some snow came last night. Around 10cm by my estimate. LOVE IT! Is the anything better than snow? (And yes, I know snow sucks if you have to travel pretty much anywhere). But that is not really a consern of mine at this moment!

Picked up some books at the postoffice from amazon, can’t remember which ones it was right now, but yeah, that is the game!

I guess I’ll go back to drinking my coffee and then go showel some snow in front of my appartment!


Forgot to add this link to instagram

December 27th 2014

Better late than never, so merry christmas, if you celebrate, Happy hollidays is not.. I have not been super active on neither my blog, twitter nor instagram the last few days. Simply been spending my time on other stuff.. Mostly enjoying the time with the family. But now I finally am spending some time writing a small post here.

I been working on some website projects, nothing secret, but nothing special either, just helping some buddies setting up some wordpress (and then modifying untill they are happy with what they get).

Had a lovely christmas eve (that is the time we open our presents due to old nordic traditions). Gonna give christianity a point there. They we’re simply great at adjusting everything to fit with traditions that excisted prior to it arriving..

Had some great gifts. So that was simply super!

The rest of the xmas-days is just gonna be relaxing, hopefully finish up one or two of the website projects, but that is always unsure. Finish a book or two, and to a tonne of cleaning at home (when I get home the day after tomorrow).

So yeah, that is pretty much all that has been going on lately.. Laters!