Jan 26th 2014

The days go by soooo freaking fast.. Yesterday kinda sucked.. Was at a meeting the whole day.. Some of the stuff was quite interesting, but since the whole idea of the thing was, that it was supposed to be a seminar type meting, it kinda failed. It was just one-way talk from the association rep.. But yeah, that is life.. At least I got to see a bunch of friends again..

Today is, so far, turning out to be a great day.. Just spend my morning with my beloved coffee and making a small photoshop project for a national athlete. Feels nice to help your buddies. The rest of the day looks like it is gonna be less fun and more educational.. Since I still have loads to study for the coming exam.. But yeah, that is just life! At least we have an awesome night planned with the study group.. Boardgames.. Those old-fashioned things are just awesome!

Don’t have more to tell right now, so I’m gonna close my internet connection for a few hours to read in a firetrucking book..


Jan 24th 2014

Yesterday was too busy to sit down behind the computer and relax.. (read: to write here).

My day was simply great.. Visited some friends, to pick up some stuff I forgot there the last time.. A nice long walk in the cold.. And finally doing a sorta restock of my fridge.. Just forgetting all the important things I needed.. But yeah, that is the life of a forgetful person..


Jan 22nd 2014

Wednesday, cold and coffee.. That feels like my life at this moment..

But other than the random boredom and watching way to many videos on youtube all is fine! I don’t really have a photo to display my mood at this moment, but I might just fund one later.. Haha..

Gonna try to study this day, since that exam is slowly creeping up me.. Gonna love studying..

/mike aldelsi


Setting up a wordpress blog, so I can be a bit lazy! Whahahaha