Feb 10th 2014

Time flies when you have fun! Or something like that.. At least that is what soooo many people been telling me over the years. The fact that I completely forgot about my blogging project is a great example of just that. Considering that I didn’t really accomplice anything over the weekend, time really did fly. Well, yesterday I had an awesome afternoon with the study-group from last semester, which basically was a board game-noon. As we’ve been doing for a while. Great times, great people! Today it is back to a “normal” 8 hours school day unfortunately it will be slightly bad due to the lack of sleep a achieved last night. So strange dreams, or maybe more correct nightmares. But yeah, that is also part of the game.. Just have to boost myself on a load of coffee, and then I guess the day will be fine in the end.. Even remembering the messy house I left behind.. So probably need to do something about that later today.. Ah well, have a good one!


Feb 4th 2014

Pizza, books and duct tape..

That is pretty much my life today.. Been feeling really tired due to school.. Having to read for that many hours a day takes some time to get used to again, but hey.. That is life..

The pizza is just important due to it being my absolute favourite food.. And the duct tape is just awesome.. Spend some hours after school to make a wallet due to the need of doing something else than school work..  The link for the guide I used is this one: Duct Tape Wallet

So day well wasted!


Feb 2nd 2014

Time freaking flies!

Been sorta busy since my last post.. Firstly I had an exam in some law stuff.. I passed it, so that saved that day. The rest of the 30th was spend on drinking some beers with friends from the study.. Partying through the night.. Walking up waaayyyy to early the next day.. Which brings me to the 31st.

This day included a bus trip half way through the country (which here isn’t really that bad) to participate in the year-meeting for the danish surveyors.  That meeting was amazing. So much interesting stuff.. A lot of measuring stuff now learned. Specially all the stuff about GNSS (Which is something regarding satellite positioning) was great! Another great party and talking to some of the people working within the field. Great!

Feb 1st was also spend as this meeting. With a slight hangover, but still great amounts of knowledge shared. Specially the last presenter talking about “the human”.. Life, happiness and all sorts of philosophical views on the human experience! See that was really interesting to listen to.

Today if off course SuperBowl sunday, so might just end up watching that. Even though it is broadcasted around midnight here. And next semester is starting tomorrow. But yeah, that is life of a student! So go with the flow!


Jan 29th 2014

Also known as: “The Day Before The Exam From Hell”.. At least that is how I feel at this moment.! Really not feeling ready.. Can’t focus enough to prepare anymore.. So “just” need to organise the papers from this semester, so I have a relative idea of where to find them tomorrow..

Other than that, Netflix has been my best friend the last few days.. Even though it is overpriced here in Denmark. Not to mention the show selection also sucks compared to the US version..


Jan 27th 2014

Somehow I keep typing 2013.. Still living in that year.. Damn me! Ah well.. That stuff happens… Except for the fact the danish handball team got their asses kicked by the french, yesterday was awesome.. Chilling with the group and having loads of fun with good old-fashioned board games, cake and coffee.. What more do you want in life?

Today is not going as great, my productivity is soooo low that it is annoying me.. But just can’t find the energy to do the tasks.. And that exam is getting closer as I type.. But yeah, that is just life sometimes..


Completely forgot to mention the snow outside! It is snowing again! Freaking awesome! Specially since I don’t have to get outside.. 😀