November 9th 2014

So after a few days sick in bed, I’m up and running again, well, not really.. But I fresh and ready to take in new challenges!

To celebrate my health, I’m in school on a sunday! Partially sucks, and partially gives me something to do on an otherwise dull day..

Seems that my focus is better when I’m sitting on uni, but only when I’m here “alone”.. The others seem to distract me quite a lot, which then results in low low low productivity from me.. Not the best thing when the semester project deadline is less than a month away..

Starting to feel the stress! Gonna love it though..

Another annoying thing is that I’m feeling damn winter depressed (well, maybe not that bad, but I been having a huge dip in my mood over the last months time), and it seems to always strike around this time of the year.. I guess it is a human state, summer and long days are gone, so now it is time to be sad for a while or something like that.. But that is just not what I need at this moment! I really need my focus to finish this project, and that becomes hard when you just want to cuddle up under a blanket and look at a candle burning in the window..

Also sorta being in love doesn’t excatly help the situation.. I really like this girl, but I’m pretty sure the feelings aren’t returned in the same way.. I’m sure she likes me, like a lot, but not really in a romantical way.. Which complicates stuff a lot.. I love speending time with her, and I’m sure she enjoys my company aswell.. But also sure I’m tormenting myself by allowing myself to see her.. Oh life..