November 3rd 2014

That was one drunk weekend.. Good fun.. But drunk.. At this moment I should be typing something wise about moderate alcohol consumption, so consider that done!

Right now, for the most parts, I’m back into my everday rhythm..

Wake up, breakfast, school, dinner, homework, sleep..

And it is feeling like a really bad place.. Guessing it is some sort of semi autumn/winter depression.. At least that is my guess.. But that is in no way unique to me.. Most of the people I know tend to have these semi bad periods around this time of the year.. The only thing to do, is to get outside, have fun! And enjoy it! 😀 So that is what I want to do.. Just not sure what to do most of the time.. So spending way to much time behind my tele with my PS4.. Good fun, but really not productive qua schoolwork..

At least I have an appointment with two of my fave girls tomorrow, for some good old fashioned boardgames.. That will hopefully be fun.. At least one of the have been talking quite positively about some game she wants us to play.. So that will be interesting!

Other that than, I don’t have anything special on my mind at this moment.. But maybe some other time.. In a few days, when I have been thinking for myself again..