November 28th 2014

“Another day, another chance” seems to be my mood for this day.. I’m feeling tired, yet aweke.. I have the feeling that I can actually get some real work done, yet I cannot find any sorts of motivation to actually do it. My coffee intake is already far too high, and my electronics seems to be at war with me.. The printer will not allow my to print.. And that my charged broke two days ago doesn’t really help.. But at least macbook chargers are cheap.. And it is not like I needed that money for food anyway..

But lets just focus on the good stuff.. Life is great.. Stressful, but great.. Semester project is due December 4th, and my group is far behind! But pretty sure Monster Energy will keep me running for the next few days. Gonna love that stuff.. Not really sure what else to report at this moment, since I’m sitting at university and should be working on the project..