Meat or no meat?

Damn, I was really in a strange mood yesterday..

Almost wanted to eat meat.. Which I luckely decided not to do, by the way..

The story goes a little further back.. I been a vegetarian since 2010 (roughly), and still I’m really satisfied with my choice! But the last few weeks, with the beginning of the BBQ season, I started to doubt in myself and that choice. Seing pretty much all my friends eat load and loads of meat kinda made me want to eat it again. But again, I resisted..

After getting back home having some hours alone to think, read online and watch videos, I decided to keep up being a veggie-head. Watching Kalels video on the Watchusliveandstuff channel on youtube completely put me back on my game!

Link to the video

The feeling she displays in this video is just crazy, and kinda heartbreaking, but yeah, this makes me really wanna stay vegetarian..

Other than that I also went to Peta2’s website.. And this kinda made me want to go vegan.. I know that will be hard for me, but the more I read and learn about “animal-industries”, the more I can’t stand them..  And they have alot of great stuff if you wanna go green.. Unfortunately most of their stuff is only focussed on the US, but still.. That is just life..

The good old “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls” video is also a great way to stay focussed on the goal of being a vegetarian with the goal of going vegan!

Just a few thoughs I really needed to get out of my head, and down on some paper, or in this case the interwebz..