June 10th 2015

So.. I’ve been gone for a while. Mostly because life has just been crazy!

Last post I did here was March 31st, damn, what happened to April and May. April was busy, mostly with school work, since I had to turn in my bachelor-project. And May ended up being pretty much the same.

Way to many parties, and way to much fun! Can hardly remember what have happened lately, since I forgot to make notes about it, so I would remember to write it.. It has been simply way to fun lately, all the events start to blend into each other!

But with that being said, I really have to go back to my school assignment, otherwise I’ll end up not getting it done in time!

Hopefully I’ll be able to write on a more regular basis in the future, since summer is coming I should have the time to do it!

Blue skies!