Jan 26th 2014

The days go by soooo freaking fast.. Yesterday kinda sucked.. Was at a meeting the whole day.. Some of the stuff was quite interesting, but since the whole idea of the thing was, that it was supposed to be a seminar type meting, it kinda failed. It was just one-way talk from the association rep.. But yeah, that is life.. At least I got to see a bunch of friends again..

Today is, so far, turning out to be a great day.. Just spend my morning with my beloved coffee and making a small photoshop project for a national athlete. Feels nice to help your buddies. The rest of the day looks like it is gonna be less fun and more educational.. Since I still have loads to study for the coming exam.. But yeah, that is just life! At least we have an awesome night planned with the study group.. Boardgames.. Those old-fashioned things are just awesome!

Don’t have more to tell right now, so I’m gonna close my internet connection for a few hours to read in a firetrucking book..