I feel stupid..!

At this moment, I really feel stupid.. Good old fashioned stupid..

Well.. The story offcourse have a “backstory” if we can call it that..

I just moved.. You might know that if you been folloowing me on twitter (which you offcourse should be 😉 )

And my new place has a few things that are slightly different from my old one.. Except from the obvious ones, like the fact it is a new one.. The light in the bathroom is the “killer”..

Every single time I walked into the bathroom today, I walk in, stop, look at the light, and wonder why it does not turn on.. Spend a moment or two wondering, then realize this appartment does not have movement activated light in the bathroom, feel really stupid, walk back to the door and turn on the light..

I’ve been walking into the bathroom quite alot the last few days.. Mostly beacuse the room is full of boxes.. But every single time I’ve been waiting for the stupid light to start by itself..

This whole proces made me realize how much of a habit person I am.. I really like to have my whole day planned, or at least have it the same way as the day before.. Which doesn’t really cope well with the fact that I really hate to plan my time.. I want to keep all possibilities open. Let life go the way it wants, and juts follow the flow!

Not sure where I’m going with all this, but the basic of this post is justs to tell you how stupid I feel for still walking into the bathroom expecting the light to turn on by itself..