December 27th 2014

Better late than never, so merry christmas, if you celebrate, Happy hollidays is not.. I have not been super active on neither my blog, twitter nor instagram the last few days. Simply been spending my time on other stuff.. Mostly enjoying the time with the family. But now I finally am spending some time writing a small post here.

I been working on some website projects, nothing secret, but nothing special either, just helping some buddies setting up some wordpress (and then modifying untill they are happy with what they get).

Had a lovely christmas eve (that is the time we open our presents due to old nordic traditions). Gonna give christianity a point there. They we’re simply great at adjusting everything to fit with traditions that excisted prior to it arriving..

Had some great gifts. So that was simply super!

The rest of the xmas-days is just gonna be relaxing, hopefully finish up one or two of the website projects, but that is always unsure. Finish a book or two, and to a tonne of cleaning at home (when I get home the day after tomorrow).

So yeah, that is pretty much all that has been going on lately.. Laters!