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Just in case some of the big questions bother me and I decide to write my thoughs..

Passed my last exam!

The very dredded exam: “Calculus”..

I freaking finally passed it! About time.. This was the third attempt.. But got the second highest grade possible, so really fucking satisfied!

Are running setting your mind free?

Just took a small run around the block, so to say.. Just to get some of the extra energy out off the system.. Sitting watching Le Mans is not really spending that much physical energy..

As I’m just cooling down a bit before streching out, I was reading a few articles, including one that said something like “Nakedrun is the new trend”. That caught my attention, funny enough. But the article was about a trend where people leave all the tech stuff at home, and just enjoy the run. That is kinda the way I run already, I’m chasing a runners high, where the run becomes a sorta meditative thing. Might be hard to achieve, but it is still my goal. Just experience the environment around my, listen to the sounds of the society.

My train of thoughts just went to dragons, so I better just go take a shower and watch some more Le Mans..

May 26th 2014 – BSBD Buddy..

Today is a really strange day.. I’m feeling quite good.. But I’m also feeling really sad.. Sad due to a well known skydiver dying yesterday.. So strange whenever that happens.. Doesn’t really matter if you know them well or not.. It just kinda hits you.. Making you realize your hobby and passion is deadly to some.. Really really mixed feeling that throws in your face.. But yeah.. That is just part of life..


That sums it all up.. Hard to put any other words towards it.. Would love to know what actually happened, but also terryified to know.. Some details are just better left alone..

Other than those feelings I kinda wanna sing “Everything is awesome”.. ’cause I’m still feeling good.. But yeah..

Life goes on..