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Evening run to make you feel good!

I did it! That is the feeling I’m having at this moment.. Just back from a nice 30 min run.. Really slow, but hey, better than not running.. And considering my current shape, any run counts.. It is just great to run after 10 pm..

Still trying to learn more about running, but seems that there is around as many ideas as there is people..

But so far it seems to be roughly divided into the schools.. Tempo and miles.. <- that is at least the best way to translate it..

Tempo is those, high intensity low intensity type of runs, and the miles is not about the pace, but the length of the run.. As far as i understand it..

They both seem to have some good points, so gonna be hard to just follow one.. luckely they both open up for the idea of mixing as you wish!

Morning run!

What a great way to start a day..!

Just for today I’m at the home of my father and his girlfriend.. Nice to see them again.. Well, to be fair, they left, so I’m home alone.. But that is fine.. Have plenty of homework to do..

This entry should actually be a quick update on the running.. Succes! I went for a morning run with the girlfriend of my father.. Nice little morning run, quite slow in pace, but considering that my shape is equal to zero, it was okay.. Might go for a faster run this afternoon/evening to get some more excerzice.. But that is kinda dependent on how my legs are feeling later.. I’m really sore from just small runs, just building on how bad my shape actually is.. Kinda crazy.. But yeah, the feeling after a run is just amazing, so wanna keep going!

Let’s talk running..

So.. Today is may 14th 2014.. And I basically made up my mind to change some stuff in my life..

Lets back up to the start of the day.. Firstly I went to donate some blood.. Which is one of those things I like to do, even thou I’m terrified of needles. When I was resting afterwards I almost passed out.. Scary.. But yeah, blood is donated, so I can feel good about myself for a while again..

After that, while walking away from the blood donate place.. Not sure what else to call that, I made the descision to swing by one of the running shops.. The staff was really friendly, and answered all my questions. I descided to go for a walk and get some food before talking the running test, just thinking of that I almost passed out just 30 minutes earlier. Grapped a nice falaffel sandwich and something to drink.. Went back to the running shop.. Did a run test.. (Damn I’m outta shape.. Almost embarrasing!). Bough a pair of Nike Lunareclipe4 running shoes.. Those things are great!

So this evening I also descided to actually go for a run.. Only a few kilometers, just to get going.. But yeah.. I ended up talking several walking breaks, which I kinda expected to do.. But still I’m really surprised how bad my shape is.. Considering I’m riding my bike everyday to and from school.. But yeah, that is not really excersise I realised by now.. My 20 mins run has left me covered in sweat.. And wondering how it will go in the near future..

But yeah.. My way of keeping myself on target will be posting about it inhere.. The “tag” for it will be running, so the running post will be easy to seperate from my general life updates, which will still go with the daily tag..

And yes, I will try to update those more often aswel, but school is just a time robber!