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January 2nd, 2016

So another year, another chance!

Firstly Happy New Year!

This year seems to be the year where I have to make some serious changes to the way I’ve been living for the last many years. It is sorta new year resolutions, but yeah, since those rarely get followed through, I just consider them goals. Which I guess is what a rasolution is, but whatever..

I’ve been a vegetarian for quite some years by now. And on my way home after a christmas vacation at my parents place i finally watched Cowspiracy. This movie is, end, lets just say powerfull! I am still sorta surprised over it, even though I kinda knew the message before watching it. But nevertheless it also put the final drop in my goal to go vegan. I signed up for the 30 day vegan challenge, link here, and the mails have some great ideas and are a nice reminder of an “easy” way to go vegan, offcourse the step is not that big when you are already vegetarian.. 😉 I put a few exceptions in my goal-list, which include I can eat all the vegetarian stuff already in my house, even more wastefull to just throw it away and I will allow myself vegetarian food while visiting friends. I’ll try to avoid it, but I also don’t want to force my choices over their heads.

Step two of my chance plan includes cutting down on alcohol, which I do enjoy, enjoy a lot to be fair, but with some more serious things going on in my life, it seems to be a smart choice to cut down the usage of alcohol. At this moment I’m still going strong with partying a minimum of once a week, including big amounts of alcohol.. So the goal is simple, a 3 month dry period! To be fair the real goal is 1 year, but i also know that I’m a sucker for small goals, so having a 3 month, 1/2 year and full year as goals should work a lot better for me! So hopefully that one will be good!

The third step is to excercise more. This is a general goal that I have been working on already for the last few months, since my shape is kinda bad and I want to be more serious with the other stuff I’m doing. I’m just focussing on getting used to running right now, since my first run gave me a two week pain break. But it is slowly going better!

Highly inspired by Hannah Wittons New Year Resolution 2016 video, I will also try to read more, I can’t go with 50 book challenge, since I have enough school related reading to do, but I’ll try to make it a book a month. I know the reading as a way to relax is simply great! Good for the imagination! Just great for getting rid of the daily stress!

I will still try to record and upload more, but that is a less serious goal at this moment, since I have no idea where my vlogging camera is, or well, actually it is the charger I am missing!

I will also try to get back on twitter, but I cannot really promise I’ll do that. Somehow it seems that I do it for a bit, and the I just forget about it, simply to busy with being alive in the real world! 😉


February 18th 2015

I feel like I’m dying! Well.. Not completey, but my legs are killing me..

Just did my first run in 3 months, so should probadly have accepted that I’m quite out of shape and not just expect to keep going at my old pace.. But hey, no pain, no gain, someone once said..

For the rest I’ve been busy with loads of school stuff..

And finally posted a few videos on the tubes of you.. So have a look if you feel like doing that..

August 27th, 2014

So, once again I didn’t take the time to update my blog.. Once again, there was just so much other stuff that needed to be done..

I was in Belgium for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.. It was great! Super race, so great to see! But also so strange to experience that you don’t really need earplugs for the F1 anymore.. But the GP2 and GP3 they where much needed! For the Formula 1 I have to say that I am a Ferrari supporter.. Been since I started watching F1, and will most likely be ’till the day I stop..! And yeah, yeah.. Ferrari won alot in the early 2000’s, but I started watching a few years before that, so before they did that..

Also I just went for the first run of the summer.. Been way to long since I did that.. So tired.. Sore.. And really happy with myself right now.. Not an impressing time.. Just a great feeling!

Also I sorta trying to go vegan.. Still strange.. But love it!

June 3rd 2014

Slow morning.. With coffee and settlers.. Not much better way to start the day..

Still busy packing and getting ready for a new “start” in a new appartment.. Gonna be exciting!

Forgot to log my run yesterday.. Nice slow 5km run. Was great.. Been a few days since I went running, since I’ve been sorta busy.. But it was great! Really enjoyed that run, even with some tension pain in my shoulder..

Other than that, there isn’t much to say.. The summer weather is hiding behind semi gray clouds.. Temperature went down quite a bit, so that kinda sucks. But yeah.. That is also life..

Still so happy with passing the Calculus exam, so really in a state of happiness!

The first running failure

Wauw.. My run today officially sucked.. Firstly I have to admit that it has been little more than a week since my last run, but got completely caught up in exams, which i know is a shitty excuse, but nevertheless..

My run today started out quite well.. Was feeling really good for the first kilometer and a half.. Then a strong urge to puke struk me.. That really sucked.. Stopped, tried to catch my breath, and get the puke feeling away.. Kinda went away, thought something like “damn”, then started running again slowly.. Managed 200 meters or so before the puke feeling was back.. Stopped again.. Started thinking really ugly things about my current fitness level.. Started running even slower.. Puke feeling back.. Thought fuck it.. Need to get home, so ran back home (luckely my standard 5km running route has 3 outs to shorten the run if needed). Now feeling kinda nauciated and annoyd with myself..

Really need to make a more focussed eating/running plan for the summer to get in better shape.. But yeah.. Nothing comes easy in this life..