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Strange dreams..

I really hate those times where you constantly have strange dreams..

And i really been stuck in a period of that.. Dreaming of car accidents, finding dead bodies and other freakish things.. Really been keeping my away at nights.. Those nightmares that really feels real.. Sucks..

Can’t they just go away and give me some proper sleep.. I really need that.. Kinda hard to study the whole day when your not rested..

May 31st 2014

Just another saturday.. Would love to have something awesome to tell.. But have to admit that I don’t really have that is this moment.. Been spending most of my day/evening with friends.. Chilling.. Skating, walking or just laying on the bed talking about pretty much everything.. So awesome! Man that girl means the world to me at this moment..

Other than that all my time is going towards studying for the upcoming calculus exam on tuesday.. Yeah, it kinda sucks, but that is just how life is sometimes.. You just have to get through it.. I hope it will be fine, but yeah, I’m getting to the point where I’m loosing faith in it.. At least partially..

Regarding running that last few days have not been good to me.. My knee started hurting in the middle of the run monday, and whenever I walk for more than 10 mins it starts acking a bit.. So that really sucks.. So I more or less decided to take the rest of this week “off” running, to give it some time to relax.. Don’t wanna end up hurting myself.. But yeah, maybe tonight or tomorrow night I’ll go for a slow run again, just to get going..

Tonight is also boardgame night with some friends, so that is simply amazing! Gonna be nice to chill with those girls..!

I think that was all I wanted to say at this moment.. Might be back with more later.. Or I’ll just stick to tweeting it.. 😉

Have a nice one!


Setting up a wordpress blog, so I can be a bit lazy! Whahahaha