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August 1st, 2014

All good here.. Been a few days since I took the time to write a post here, but that is mostly due to the fact that I’m on vacation, sorta.. But it pretty much equals my laptop being turned of for the majority of the day.. I’m just enjoying the summer and all the fun it brings!

Passed my last exam!

The very dredded exam: “Calculus”..

I freaking finally passed it! About time.. This was the third attempt.. But got the second highest grade possible, so really fucking satisfied!

June 28th 2014

The stress of moving..

Exams are over, so it is time to relax, but damn i feel stressed.. Got the confirmation that I’ll have a new appartment by July 15th, so all the sudden I needed to pack and move, in a hurry! Gonna be fun to do that, for sure..

But looking forward to getting a new place.. Will be great, I hope..

June 20th 2014 – What have I been up to?

Absolutely nothing, except for exams.. And loads of those.. But passed all so far, and only have one last to go… But that is not really what I want to talk about..

I wanna talk about “Saltmandler” or in english “Salt Almonds”.. Which is just basically salt and almonds, what a surprise huh? I helped a friend make a bunch of these a while ago, and today I got the idea to make some myself, so I went to google and got the recipe for them.. This one..

Basically it is:

200 g Almonds, 125 g salt and 5 dl water…

Mix water and salt, while heating.. Take of heat, but in almonds for 20 mins.. Bake at 175 (degrees celcius) for roughly 15 mins, flipping them a couple of times… Let cool…

Yummy yummy!

June 4th 2014

So.. The day after the exam.. Feeling quite relaxed, even thou my mind is going crazy over the month long wait that is going on now.. That is to be understood, as the teachers have one month to grade the written exams.. So just have to be patient.. Not my strongest side when it gets to exams..

Today it is back into writing project and preparing for the measuring days to come.. Gonna be some nice long days, but yeah, that is part of the game..!

At least I’m having a nice cup of “morning” coffee before starting the workday at 10.. Which still gives me a little more than an hour before having to leave home..

Just got mail telling me I’m currently second in the wait line for a new appartment, so that is also raising my mood a ton! Would love to get a cheaper place to love.. This one takes 2/3 of my total income.. Which as a student isn’t excatly a lot.. But hey, that’s life..