August 13th, 2014

Today has been a long day of not doing that much… The idea for the day was to do some tandem skydives over the “Made in Denmark” golf tournament, but unfortunately the weather was against us.. But that is just life of a skydiver..

Other than that, my biggest thougths of the day has been regarding going vegan.. What to eat.. What to eat..

The basic idea pretty much gives itself.. loads of fruits and veggies.. But all my meals still present a challenge.. So much new stuff to explore, and so little money to do that..

I ordered a few cookbooks from PETA, so hopefully they will help me further..

Basicly I been living from cornflakes and soymilk the last few days… And some cheese free pizza… (Which was surprisingly good)..

Today my meals have been rye-bread with tomato and onions.. Still love that, so no harm in that.. And for dinner an amazing serving of full grain pasta (is that what it is called, you know, the healthy brown pasta thingy?), with spicy tomato sauce and avocado.. That was simply soo good! I could pretty much eat it every day!

I’m pretty sure I have tons of stuff that I wanted to write about, but I simply am reaching a state of tiredness where I have trouble focussing on what I’m doing.. So I’m gonna end this blog post here!

Over and out! /mike