Monthly archives "March 2015"

March 31st, 2015

So much for blogging daily.. As you might have guessed, life happened next to the computer/internet life, so I just plain forgot about blogging..

So far life is mostly good, spring on the way, so skydiving season is starting again, and with that, the possibility to jump more. Spend all the money that I do not have.. But that is just life I guess..

Been uploading a bit on youtube lately, so that is at least going better than in 2014, but yeah, lets start with seeing how long I can keep my focus up on that. Might just become “boring” when the summertime comes and life is more outside than inside..

Other than that I made somthing like this Chana Masala yesterday. Super dinner! So gonna go search that site for more awesome vegan recipees…

Other than that, I’ll go back to playing some more GTAOnline, since that seems to be all I do at this time..