Monthly archives "November 2014"

November 28th 2014

“Another day, another chance” seems to be my mood for this day.. I’m feeling tired, yet aweke.. I have the feeling that I can actually get some real work done, yet I cannot find any sorts of motivation to actually do it. My coffee intake is already far too high, and my electronics seems to be at war with me.. The printer will not allow my to print.. And that my charged broke two days ago doesn’t really help.. But at least macbook chargers are cheap.. And it is not like I needed that money for food anyway..

But lets just focus on the good stuff.. Life is great.. Stressful, but great.. Semester project is due December 4th, and my group is far behind! But pretty sure Monster Energy will keep me running for the next few days. Gonna love that stuff.. Not really sure what else to report at this moment, since I’m sitting at university and should be working on the project..

November 16th 2014

Another day well wasted.. I guess I cant really call it anything else.. Spend most of my weekend catching up on some long needed sleep.. So didn’t really do anything special (other than play games the my PS4)..

Qua gaming I haven’t realy been playing Destiny much lately.. Seems that the game is just a loop of doing the same thing over and over again, hoping that the semingly random loot generator will favor one. I had some good stuff, but not enough to keep me “attached” to the game..

So been playing some good old Rayman instaed.. Seems that that game just brings back some good memories! Gonna love it!

And offcourse some Madden15.. Still suck at it, but at least I’m getting better..

School is busy as ever, with project deadline approaching fast! But GTAV should make that deadline even harder to reach! Yeah me! Or something! Other than that, not much interesting is going on! So gonna catch ya later!

November 9th 2014

So after a few days sick in bed, I’m up and running again, well, not really.. But I fresh and ready to take in new challenges!

To celebrate my health, I’m in school on a sunday! Partially sucks, and partially gives me something to do on an otherwise dull day..

Seems that my focus is better when I’m sitting on uni, but only when I’m here “alone”.. The others seem to distract me quite a lot, which then results in low low low productivity from me.. Not the best thing when the semester project deadline is less than a month away..

Starting to feel the stress! Gonna love it though..

Another annoying thing is that I’m feeling damn winter depressed (well, maybe not that bad, but I been having a huge dip in my mood over the last months time), and it seems to always strike around this time of the year.. I guess it is a human state, summer and long days are gone, so now it is time to be sad for a while or something like that.. But that is just not what I need at this moment! I really need my focus to finish this project, and that becomes hard when you just want to cuddle up under a blanket and look at a candle burning in the window..

Also sorta being in love doesn’t excatly help the situation.. I really like this girl, but I’m pretty sure the feelings aren’t returned in the same way.. I’m sure she likes me, like a lot, but not really in a romantical way.. Which complicates stuff a lot.. I love speending time with her, and I’m sure she enjoys my company aswell.. But also sure I’m tormenting myself by allowing myself to see her.. Oh life..

November 3rd 2014

That was one drunk weekend.. Good fun.. But drunk.. At this moment I should be typing something wise about moderate alcohol consumption, so consider that done!

Right now, for the most parts, I’m back into my everday rhythm..

Wake up, breakfast, school, dinner, homework, sleep..

And it is feeling like a really bad place.. Guessing it is some sort of semi autumn/winter depression.. At least that is my guess.. But that is in no way unique to me.. Most of the people I know tend to have these semi bad periods around this time of the year.. The only thing to do, is to get outside, have fun! And enjoy it! 😀 So that is what I want to do.. Just not sure what to do most of the time.. So spending way to much time behind my tele with my PS4.. Good fun, but really not productive qua schoolwork..

At least I have an appointment with two of my fave girls tomorrow, for some good old fashioned boardgames.. That will hopefully be fun.. At least one of the have been talking quite positively about some game she wants us to play.. So that will be interesting!

Other that than, I don’t have anything special on my mind at this moment.. But maybe some other time.. In a few days, when I have been thinking for myself again..