Monthly archives "October 2014"

October 31st 2014

Where did time go? That is a really good question.. I have the feeling that I been doing nothing, but yet I have the feeling that I been having no spare time at all the last few weeks..


Other than that, life goes as life goes.. Spending time with some great friends, visiting family and so forth.

It is great!

Specially the time spend with good friends have been great lately.. Chilling on the couch with some series, all cuddled up under a blanket.. Gonna love spending time with that girl.. And her coffee is way better than the instant stuff I drink at home.. 😉

Playing good old fashioned board games after some awesome dinner is not the worst either. Only once a week or so, but it is better than nothing.

Guess the PS4 is the real time stealer at this moment. Good thing GTAV didn’t launch for it yet.. Otherwise I might not have any time at all!

October 15th, 2014

Almost two weeks of nothing in here.. Sorry about that.. Just got caught up in doing, for most parts, nothing..

Almost a week in Berlin.. And loads of parties.. Good fun.. Gonna love it..

And now settling back into school rhythm.. Love it, again..

October 3rd 2014

School is killing me! Well, not completely true, but the hours have been crazy the last days.. (And offcourse my new PS4 is not helping either)..

To be fair, I spend the last weekend (and a couple of days before) at a skydive event, making some video.. Great jumps, great people..

But now I’m back to a regular school day.. Which yesterday translated into 2.5 hours of extra one-on-one teaching with the lecturer, due to my computer not wanting to run the damn program.. Always nice to work on a Mac, when my study pretty much relies on windows only software.. But hey, that is the life you choose when you want to have the best computer.. Simply love my Macbook Pro, even with all the difficulties with windows only software..

Other than that, I wont be able to post alot the next week or so, due to being busy like hell..

This weekend, I’m going skydive (yeah, surprise).. And directly after that, I’m heading to Berlin with my study for the Intergeo event.. Which is then ended with an 8-16 schoolday on friday, a night behind the bar and then autum cleaning at home! Gonna be nice and busy! I hope to be able to post a bit on twitter and instagram while being in Berlin, but you never know where you find open wifi.. At least I don’t want to pay for using my network when I’m in another country!

But in general life is good, you know, like really good!

Looking soooo much forward to the Berlin trip, just gonna be tricky to locate food there.. So probadly gonna be a vegetarian cheat week.. But yeah, that is just life sometimes! Guess I need to look at the happy cow restaurant guide to locate potential dinner places (and convince my meat-eating friends to go there..)