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I feel stupid..!

At this moment, I really feel stupid.. Good old fashioned stupid..

Well.. The story offcourse have a “backstory” if we can call it that..

I just moved.. You might know that if you been folloowing me on twitter (which you offcourse should be 😉 )

And my new place has a few things that are slightly different from my old one.. Except from the obvious ones, like the fact it is a new one.. The light in the bathroom is the “killer”..

Every single time I walked into the bathroom today, I walk in, stop, look at the light, and wonder why it does not turn on.. Spend a moment or two wondering, then realize this appartment does not have movement activated light in the bathroom, feel really stupid, walk back to the door and turn on the light..

I’ve been walking into the bathroom quite alot the last few days.. Mostly beacuse the room is full of boxes.. But every single time I’ve been waiting for the stupid light to start by itself..

This whole proces made me realize how much of a habit person I am.. I really like to have my whole day planned, or at least have it the same way as the day before.. Which doesn’t really cope well with the fact that I really hate to plan my time.. I want to keep all possibilities open. Let life go the way it wants, and juts follow the flow!

Not sure where I’m going with all this, but the basic of this post is justs to tell you how stupid I feel for still walking into the bathroom expecting the light to turn on by itself..

Meat or no meat?

Damn, I was really in a strange mood yesterday..

Almost wanted to eat meat.. Which I luckely decided not to do, by the way..

The story goes a little further back.. I been a vegetarian since 2010 (roughly), and still I’m really satisfied with my choice! But the last few weeks, with the beginning of the BBQ season, I started to doubt in myself and that choice. Seing pretty much all my friends eat load and loads of meat kinda made me want to eat it again. But again, I resisted..

After getting back home having some hours alone to think, read online and watch videos, I decided to keep up being a veggie-head. Watching Kalels video on the Watchusliveandstuff channel on youtube completely put me back on my game!

Link to the video

The feeling she displays in this video is just crazy, and kinda heartbreaking, but yeah, this makes me really wanna stay vegetarian..

Other than that I also went to Peta2’s website.. And this kinda made me want to go vegan.. I know that will be hard for me, but the more I read and learn about “animal-industries”, the more I can’t stand them..  And they have alot of great stuff if you wanna go green.. Unfortunately most of their stuff is only focussed on the US, but still.. That is just life..

The good old “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls” video is also a great way to stay focussed on the goal of being a vegetarian with the goal of going vegan!

Just a few thoughs I really needed to get out of my head, and down on some paper, or in this case the interwebz..


June 21st 2014

Ow damn.. I had way to much off nothing to do.. So I didn’t really do anything.. Might be the main reason I didn’t really write nor tweet for the last little more than a week..

To be fair.. I moved.. So been really really busy boxing up my whole life.. And now I’m trying to open those boxes and fit all the stuff into a smaller place.. Not a great idea.. But nevertheless what I have to do..

Also been visiting my parents and my brother back home.. Which was great! But so nice to be home again..

Also another side story was meeting a random person and talking for quite a bit with him.. He was from Syria.. Lost all to the war.. And is now searching for a chance to make a new start here in Denmark. He was such a nice person, with so many good stories about his homeland before the war.. That was crazy.. Amazing and crazy.. Strange that war has changed his life so much. But yeah, lets hope all will end good..

If by any random chance he is reading this, I wish you all the best of luck in the future! And enjoy the alcohol free beers! 😉

I’ll better go back to the boxes and try to fit another one into the cabinet..

July 8th 2014

So.. A week to go before I get the key for my new place.. Gonna be so interesting.. I’m sorta celebrating.. By doing as little as possible.. I’m just relaxing.. Feeling like I’m melting in this damn warm weather. Kinda lovely, but just to warm when you only have one window in your appartment.. I can’t really get air to run through.. So it is just damn warm..

Spend the whole day yesterday half dressed.. Since I didn’t really feel like getting dressed.. Didn’t have to leave my appartment, so not much of a problem..

Gonna roll over and play a few games of settlers of catan online.. You joining?

July 5th 2014

So finally another summer tradition started.. Le Tour de France.. Not sure why, but it sorta keeps my glued to my computer for 3 weeks.. Which is strange.. Considering my attitude towards the whole bicylcle race thing is that it is 3 weeks of doping hide-n-seek.. Still interesting, but I really cannot believe that someone with their mind in the right place would ride +3.500km up and down mountians.. But then again.. I’m mostly a lazy person..

Other than that, the summer seems to be taking a small break.. At least it is windy with clouds.. Luckely the white kind, so it is not raining.. But yeah, a rainstorm would actually be nice by now..

Also seing my lie in boxes is kinda strange.. I really have to much stuff.. But that is a general thing I guess.. Luckely my friends are amazing at throwing my stuff away! haha!