Monthly archives "June 2014"

The first running failure

Wauw.. My run today officially sucked.. Firstly I have to admit that it has been little more than a week since my last run, but got completely caught up in exams, which i know is a shitty excuse, but nevertheless..

My run today started out quite well.. Was feeling really good for the first kilometer and a half.. Then a strong urge to puke struk me.. That really sucked.. Stopped, tried to catch my breath, and get the puke feeling away.. Kinda went away, thought something like “damn”, then started running again slowly.. Managed 200 meters or so before the puke feeling was back.. Stopped again.. Started thinking really ugly things about my current fitness level.. Started running even slower.. Puke feeling back.. Thought fuck it.. Need to get home, so ran back home (luckely my standard 5km running route has 3 outs to shorten the run if needed). Now feeling kinda nauciated and annoyd with myself..

Really need to make a more focussed eating/running plan for the summer to get in better shape.. But yeah.. Nothing comes easy in this life..


June 28th 2014

The stress of moving..

Exams are over, so it is time to relax, but damn i feel stressed.. Got the confirmation that I’ll have a new appartment by July 15th, so all the sudden I needed to pack and move, in a hurry! Gonna be fun to do that, for sure..

But looking forward to getting a new place.. Will be great, I hope..

June 26th 2014 – Summertime!

So finally the last exams of the semester is done, and it is time to relax and enjoy some time off.. 2 months is just simply too long.. But hey, there is a chance that I can spend some with the best people in the world. My lovely friends.. Gonna love that..

A buddy will be picking me up soon, and the we’ll go to the beach to play with our paragliders.. Gonna be fun, I hope..

June 20th 2014 – What have I been up to?

Absolutely nothing, except for exams.. And loads of those.. But passed all so far, and only have one last to go… But that is not really what I want to talk about..

I wanna talk about “Saltmandler” or in english “Salt Almonds”.. Which is just basically salt and almonds, what a surprise huh? I helped a friend make a bunch of these a while ago, and today I got the idea to make some myself, so I went to google and got the recipe for them.. This one..

Basically it is:

200 g Almonds, 125 g salt and 5 dl water…

Mix water and salt, while heating.. Take of heat, but in almonds for 20 mins.. Bake at 175 (degrees celcius) for roughly 15 mins, flipping them a couple of times… Let cool…

Yummy yummy!

Are running setting your mind free?

Just took a small run around the block, so to say.. Just to get some of the extra energy out off the system.. Sitting watching Le Mans is not really spending that much physical energy..

As I’m just cooling down a bit before streching out, I was reading a few articles, including one that said something like “Nakedrun is the new trend”. That caught my attention, funny enough. But the article was about a trend where people leave all the tech stuff at home, and just enjoy the run. That is kinda the way I run already, I’m chasing a runners high, where the run becomes a sorta meditative thing. Might be hard to achieve, but it is still my goal. Just experience the environment around my, listen to the sounds of the society.

My train of thoughts just went to dragons, so I better just go take a shower and watch some more Le Mans..