Monthly archives "April 2014"

April 30th 2014

Where did the awesome weather go? A few days of almost summer.. Just getting the hopes up, and the it gets colder again.. Damn you spring.. Other than that, life is sweet! Really sweet! So low on money that I can’t really do anything fun for the next 3-5 months, so gonna explore the realm of free stuff to attend.. Luckely there is loads of stuff going on in this lovely city.. Specially now that it is officially spring.. Gonna be interesting to see what tomorrow brings..!

Follow th flow and feel the love!

April 27th 2014

So after a few strange days, it is time to kick it back and catch up on the homework.. Well, right now I’m having a break while Liverpool plays… Cooling my body with a lovely Monster! Getting ready for round two of homework..

Spend yesterday (saturday just to be clear) visiting a good friend… Went for a nothing but lovely walk.. At least trying to give her a good day, since she had a rough one..

Went drinking thursday, with the study, and that just went wrong.. So put myself on a to-be-dicided-how-long period off alcohol.. Which will be strange, being that spring is here, and the weather just get soooo good, that you just want to sit out and drink a few cold brews.. But since I seem to screw up so much while drinking, a break might be due..

Enjoy the lovely weather! I am for sure, even sitting inside trying to focus on the homework..


April 24th 2014

So, nice and early morning. Sitting at school.. Making last minute prep for the class that starts in like 30 mins (well, except for writing this). And getting ready for a day full of interesting activities! 80’s party this evening with a bunch of awesome peeps.. And no, not bringing any sorts of cameras, since these guys tend to get so shit drunk that stuff breaks.. And can’t really afford a new camera at this moment.. But yeah, that is life sometimes..


April 21st, 2014

So, monday morning.. Last day of the easter break.. Tie to reflect on the events of the last few days.. Been really interesting.. Didn’t make all the homework I dreamed of, but jumped af a few things.. Hurt my finger on the last one.. Auch..

But now I’m getting ready for a day of hard work with some coffee and a game of Settlers of Catan online.. Gonna love that shizzle.., just in case..


April 15th 2014

Damn I’m feeling tired today… The last few days has been amazing, but I’m really low on energy now. So just watching “True facts” by zefrank1 on the tube of you. Gonna love those videos..

Really just gonna go back to bed.. Since I don’t really have energy to do anything now..