Monthly archives "March 2014"

March 26th, 2014

So much have been going on lately.. Not really something to write about, but just a lot of stuff relating to my general life. Had some sort of identity crisis in the weekend.. But luckily have have some awesome friends talk I spend loads of time talking to, so now my mind is more clear about a lot of that stuff! That is simply amazing! So now I’m ready to go and live life again.. Went jumping of something with a friend monday morning, so now that season has started again! Brilliant! Gonna love it!

March 20th 2014

Another day, another chance! Nice blue skies.. Almost no wind, compared to the last few days.. Really making me appreciate my place in this world. I’m stressed out because of school, tired because I been eating shitty lately. That is really a vicious circle to end in. Which makes me even more annoyed that I’m in it. My energy level has been so low that I did feel like making myself breakfast, lunch or dinner, which then leads to my energy staying low.. Yesterday I took a small session of meditating, to relax my mind, to clear it of guilty conscience. Went to bed nice and early (read before 1 am), woke up early, had a somewhat decent breakfast (okay, I’ll admit that it was shitty, but I didn’t do any shopping yesterday, so didn’t really have anything good at home). Packed a lunch for school.. (okay, took the fruit I still had at home) and really need to do some shopping. And now I’m ready for another awesome day, full of challenges. Or well, sorta.. Just have to make some maps with the help of the awesome ArcMap software!

So have a great one!


March 19th 2014

Why am I so freaking tired at this moment?? That seems to be the question of my life at this moment.. I’m really in a terrible day rhythm. But yeah, that is just life sometimes.. To much sitting behind the computer working in school, only to go home and well, sit behind the computer and work. Really starting to take a toll on my energy level. Kinda want to save my days by just drinking a lot of RedBull, but that isn’t really a great way to cope with the lack of sleep I live with at this moment. But nevertheless.. How are you doing? I would say I doing pretty well, all things considered.. Project is going nicely, and my skydive related projects are slowly, but steadily going on, starting to really look like something! So that is AWESOME! Kinda out of idea to write about at this moment… Really jealous of all the lovely peeps on youtube that get to play GTAV and South Park: Stick of truth, but yeah, I can’t afford either at this moment, nor do I really have the time to play.. Gonna see if I can shot a short video tomorrow when I’m done with school, but no promises there..


March 17th 2014

Heya! Damn, I’ve been busy.. Well.. Sorta..

Had alotta project, mostly related to school that I needed to do, so I didn’t really have any time to write what was going on in life.. But still.. Much have happened, but then again, it has not really been that exciting.

Slowly getting ready for another season of skydiving, so that is pretty sweet! So loving that! Now it is just a “smile and wave” moment, while catching up on the last part of the homework that I’m still behind on..

March 9th, 2014

Another well wasted weekend.. Didn’t do anything this weekend, except realising that I don’t have any money for fun stuff for the rest of this month.. But yeah, that is also life sometimes.

Been watching way to many youtube vids over this weekend.. Seems that Pewdiepie playing stick of truth takes the cake.. Also catched up on my fave vloggers, and their shenanigans.. Seems that life is treating them well..

Now just a little bit of chilling before making the last bits of homework that I didn’t do yet.. Life of a student!