Monthly archives "February 2014"

Feb 28th 2014

Another morning.. Another chance!

Even thou my own coffeemaker tried to kill me yesterday (read: tried to turn my apartment into a steam bath), the one at the university still works! If that had not been the case, I would not be awake the whole day!

Feb 25th 2014

Being way to busy doing as little as possible. That seems to be my mantra for the time being. I’m really not getting a lot done at this moment. Most of my time is just sleeping, but the weather is getting better, so that is awesome! The skydiving season is slowly creeping up on me, so might actually get to do some jumps again within the near future! Gonna be soooo nice! Really miss it.. But that seems to be winter life.. And a happy birthday to my grandmother who threw a party this weekend for her 70th birthday a few weeks ago! Strange and funny to see the family again, especially the cousins that you only see at family parties.. Gonna go back to preparing for tomorrow and catching up on homework! Enjoy life


Feb 17th 2014

Monday just arrived way to fast this week! I really don’t feel like I had enough sleep.. Might be because some idiots turned on the fire alarm in the building where I live, and that stupid thing only the guy working for the owners can turn off.. And he is not working weekends.. Wasn’t to bad during the weekend, but that might just be because of the beers.. Mmm beer! But sunday night that stupid thing kept me awake until 3am.. Which really sucks when you have to get up at 5.30.. Which again I can only blame on myself, but I sorta forgot my bike in the city centre at friday, and didn’t wanna go pick it up in the rainy and windy weather of the weekend.. But yeah.. All in all, a really good day, just really really really really tired by now.. And still have a meeting at 10pm.. So good thing that is only 1h40mins away by now.. At least I’m done with the “homework” for tomorrow!


Feb 16th 2014

Another weekend wasted.. Didn’t really want to do nothing, but was slightly tired after friday.. Which ended up being a party that, well, wasn’t supposed to happen.. But damn it was funny! 😀

Spend saturday catching some needed sleep, and now I’m doing the last bits of work before I’m gonna go early to bed, to catch the last bits of sleep to get ready for a new week of studying hard. Just an hour or so of readying to do..

My original plan of recording some parts of a video got cancelled, due to bad planning.. Well.. Wanted to script it on fir day evening, and the shoot saturday, but gonna say the exchange with at party was worth it.. At least if you ask me, and if your still ready, I guess you are!

That is about it..


Feb 13th 2014

So finally we made it to the big day before Valentines.. And to be fair, I couldn’t care less.. Valentine never really been my thing. Guess part comes from being single, and just having fun. Trying to think back to my last serious relationship, but can’t recall really doing anything special for it. But whatever to be fair.. I just wanna have some fun and enjoy my life, if I find “the one” I find “the one”, and if not, so be it.. That is the beautiful mystery of life, what makes it all so interesting (and at times challenging).

Have a good one if you do something interesting tomorrow, and if not.. Have a good one!